Big Names To Watch Out For At The 2014 Europeans



The 2014 Europeans are approaching 
Europe’s largest BJJ event is approaching, and big names are being added every day to the competition roster.

The interesting thing about the Euros, is that there are different competitors than the US events such Worlds or Pan and the Brasileiros.

Stars confirmed so far.

Black belt: J T Torres, Keenan Cornelius, Alexander Trans, Miyao brothers, Jordy Peute (Netherlands), AJ Agazarm, Luca Anacoreta (Italy), Victor Silverio, Mathias Ribeiro, Lucio Lagarto, Johanness Wieth (Germany), Michael Langhi, Claudio Calasans, Jackson Souza, James Puopolo and ladies Laurence Cousin, Ida Hansson, Shanti Abelha and Janni Larson….

Brown belts: Ilke Bulut (Switzerland), Darragh O Conaill (Ireland), Thomas Oyarzun (Switzerland), Ivan Tomasetti, Tommy Karlsson (Sweden), Vanessa English (UK), Charlotte von Baumgarten (Germany)…
The Euro 2014 takes place on January 23 – 26 at the Complexo Esportivo Casal Vistoso in Lisbon, Portugal
For more info and to sign up go to http://ibjjf.org/championship/european-open-jiu-jitsu-championship/