Baby Shark Answers Musumeci’s Rant & PED Accusations: ‘You Forgot to take Your Meds’

Baby Shark Answers Musumeci’s Rant & PED Accusations: ‘You Forgot to take Your Meds’

ONE flyweight submission grappling world champion Mikey Musumeci created quite a stir in the BJJ world…
With an unexpectedly swearing-filled victory speech, after defeating Gabriel Sousa at ONE 167.

Namely, Musumeci was on a mission of redemption against Sousa, who had previously submitted him at Who’s Number One in 2021.
So, this rematch appears to have been deeply personal for Musumeci, who did not hold back during the post-fight speech.

Here’s what he had to say:

I competed with Gabriel like three or four years ago, and I lost this match, right?
So this match was to show everyone that when you have an obstacle, you overcome it.

My opponent talked a lot of sh*t about me for about four years.
I respect him so much, but for four years, he commented on every freaking post I did.

Then he did something very personal to me.
And when he did this personal involving family, that’s when I got angry.

It was at that point that Mikey fired off completely:

But everyone talking sh*t: “Oh, you couldn’t beat him, there is no way… He’s a division heavier than you…”

Just submitted him easy as f*ck!

Mikey’s rant created quite a stir in the BJJ community, with some defending his actions and some criticizing him for them.

Mikey then focused his attention on ADCC 2022 champion Diogo Reis “Baby Shark”, who defeated Gabriel Sousa in the final:

I was supposed to fight te ADCC champion “Baby Shark”, then he wouldn’t do it bcause of the drug test. Then I told him to take his steroids and fight me. He still wouldn’t do it. He did Who’s Number One instead. So then I fought the second place ADCC champion (Sousa). All these guys are the same. They just talk sh*t but when it comes to doing it, they don’t even come here.

Baby Shark answered Musumeci on his IG:

“In 2022, I became the champion of ADCC, the largest and most prestigious grappling event in the world. That’s where the real champions are forged, not in arranged matches at closed events. “Lame Mike” had the chance to compete but withdrew on the eve of the competition out of fear of losing. By doing so, he has already shown he doesn’t deserve respect.

Yesterday, after his fight, Musumeci talked a lot of nonsense even though I never offended him. It seems he forgot to take his medicine. So, I’ll speak my mind. Musumeci has never won anything truly relevant in grappling. Winning the kimono world doesn’t mean much in the broader grappling community. The true elite of grappling win ADCC and don’t isolate themselves in smaller events. With his low-quality Jiu-Jitsu, he wouldn’t make it past the first round at ADCC. That’s why he avoids competing there.

Musumeci doesn’t know how to take down, pass guard, or control his opponent. If I had received my black belt with his skill level, I would be ashamed of my Jiu-Jitsu. Yesterday, he insulted me, claiming I ran from a fight with him. I say to him: if you want to fight me, join the ADCC. I’ll talk to Mo and ask him to match us in the first round. Once I beat him there and show everyone he’s not on my level, I’ll agree to all the tests he wants and have a real fight, not just a grappling match.

I’ll punch and kick him to teach him a lesson in respect. Then, I’ll take him down, pass his guard, and finish him. I was born in Manaus, and where I come from, the remedy for crazy behavior is a good beating.”


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