Azerbaijani Child Passes Away After Repeated Throws By Sambo Coach

Azerbaijani Child Passes Away After Repeated Throws By Sambo Coach

A boy from Azerbaijan, aged 7, has passed away after sustaining serious injuries during training.
The tragedy took place after his Sambo coach repeatedly threw him on the mats in a violent manner.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the coach, Mehman Khalilov, grabbing the 7-year-old Farid Bakarov by his hair, and then grabbing and violently lifting him by the neck.
He throws him to the mats and then picks him up and violently throws again. After that, the CCTV footage shows that the child has lost consciousness.

According to JAM News, the child was then brought to the hospital. The coach called the parents and said that their son fell and was injured.
However, the truth came to light after the surveillance video was released.

Jeyhun Mammadov, President of the Azerbajani Sambo Federation, issued a statement following the incident:

Mehman Khalilov is a three-time winner of the European Championships, a bronze medalist of the II European Games.

He was always chosen as the leader of the team for his exemplary behavior. He always respected the coaching staff. I would never have expected this from him.
After watching the video, I could not believe that he acted so inhumanly.

The incident did not occur during the training of the national team. We are not responsible for the actions of our athletes outside the national team.
In this case, this issue does not involve us.

As for his coaching activities, we did not give him any license.
He is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sports, has the right to teach.

The court opted for a preventive measure for Khalilov, in the form of arrest for four months during the investigation.