Ary Farias: “I’m Outraged By The Referee. He Gave My Title Away…”


In the light feather final of this year’s Worlds,  Ary Farias sought his first world title at black belt against Gabriel Moraes, and actually won the fight by advantages. The whistle blew and Ary was the champion for the next couple of seconds. That was when his emotions betrayed him and he took his two fateful steps outside of the mat area. The rule, although new, is very clear: The athlete that leaves the fighting area to celebrate will be punished with one advantage being given to their opponent.Referee Muzio de Angelis had no choice but to grant Gabriel an advantage, thus changing the score to a draw in advantages, except Gabriel had one less penalty and had just become the world champion. Outraged by the punishment, Ary Faria talked to meiaguarda in an interview (in Portuguese) about his frustration at the decision:

MeiaGuarda – What did you think of the final result in the Worlds?

Ary Farias – Dude, I found a great lack of respect for me as an athlete, for my team and with the public present. I’m frustrated with everything. It hurts.I can not sleep since the day of the event! The referee treated me like a kid. I’ve been following the campaign that everybody’s been doing on social networks. I fought five guys in my weight class, beat every every lion, fight by fight, I started the final fight of the world championship from start to finish, I was in front of the scoreboard. The central referee stole my title. He gave my title to my opponent for the simple fact that I celebrated with my fans. I didn’t  disrespect my opponent. That was my moment and I was hoping that I could thank my friends. I’m not a referee but I’m athlete since I was 12 years old. I wear the kimono and sweat daily, I break my cartilage I surpass the limits of my body and my mind, I sacrifice, I train a lot, I know the sacrifice and pain that it takes to get to the top. the sport. What I learned from all my teachers, was to receive and have the respect of all. I never disrespect someone who has never disrespected me.

What is your greatest outrage in all this?

The referee of the Worlds (Muzio De Angelis) acquired great power by receiving the label of “best IBJJF referee”, he wanted to be the protagonist of the championship. I hope he is aware at what he did made ​​history of Jiu-Jitsu, as the biggest mistake in history.”


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