Andre Galvao On IBJJF Pro League: “I Will Be 100% Ready To Compete Against All The Top Fighters Today.”

Source: http://www.adcombat.com

Current ADCC world Weight and Absolute Champion was recently confirmed in the IBJJF Pro-league event that goes down this December 8, 2012 at the Long Beach Pyramid. Since Galvao did not compete in the last Worlds this is his first chance in over a year to compete against the top BJJ’ers so we decide to check with him about his quick thoughts and expectations for the event:

So you are going to be in the Pro League event?

AG- I am going to be there prepared and ready for everything!

You are going to be back to the IBJJF competition mats, what do you expect for this experience?

AG- I hope to do some great fights. this is a unique experience along side of many others I’ve had along my career. I am very happy and highly motivated.
I will be 100% ready to compete against all the top fighters in the World today. I believe this is going to be a great event and a great show, not only in the high quality of fights that will go down but also in the organization as IBJF always puts on great events with great presentation.

What do you think about having a Pro Jiu-Jitsu league?

AG- Our art is growing fast, faster than most I believe and this is a testament to our growth. I really believe the event will be great!

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