After The Pan Ams, The 2013 Worlds Will Also Test For PEDs

drug test

The IBJJF has recently made history by introducing doping tests for 10 champions of the last edition of the Pan American Games in March. The next big tournament are the Worlds, to be held in late May, and the athletes will again be put to the test.

In her Instagram account, the current female weight and absolute champion, Gabi Garcia, showed an email that she received from IBJJF, which declared that dope tests will be once again held and also revealed another novelty:  the world champions of the black belt do not need to pay for registration.

Gabi Garcia's email from IBJJF

Gabi Garcia’s email from IBJJF

At the Pan American this year, the athletes that were randomly selected for testing were Gabi Garcia, Andre Galvao, Marcus Buchecha, Roberto Tossa, Vanessa Oliveira, Luiza Monteiro, Rafael Mendes, Guilherme Mendes and Caio Terra. The only untested champions were Michael Langhi, Clark Gracie, Leo Nogueira, Miriam Cardoso, Ana Carolina Vidal and Talita Treta. All passed the test.

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