ADGS Rio: See Who’s Registered To Fight For The Elite Professional Gold

ADGS Rio: See Who’s Registered To Fight For The Elite Professional Gold

There are only a few days left until we meet the new champions of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Rio de Janeiro 2023.

Having received some of the most notorious fighters in the sport, it’s no wonder that the top of the ADGS Rio podium is one of the most prestigious in the world.

As we draw closer to the 2023 edition, on June 10-11, the Arena Carioca gets ready to house a spectacular show with some of the well-known players in worldwide Jiu-Jitsu.

From Abu Dhabi World champions to Grand Slam gold medalists and King of Mats winners, the roster of this year’s event also comes with many new faces, hungry to take over the spotlight and etch their names in the mind of the crowds.

Knowing some of those names and academies, full of great competitors, our team visited and took a closer look at the last days of preparations prior to the ADGS Rio.
As they made their way towards Rio, academies like PSLPB Cicero Costha and Fratres provided a closer look at major athletes such as Hiago George, Sabatha Lais, Leonardo Mario, Alex Munis, Rafael Mansur, Vinicius Liberati, and other dangerous competitors.

Check out below our first sneak peek at the academy’s last training sessions before heading to the Arena Carioca, the list with some of the most famous athletes registered to fight in the ADGS Rio 2023, and get ready for three days of high-octane action at the tournament that will open the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam’s new season.



Men’s – Black Belt


Yuri Hendrex
Welerson Gonçalves
Marko Oikarainen
Oziel Carvalho


Leonardo Mario
Hiago George
Wagner Chrispim
Meyram Maquiné
Jorge Nakamura
Iago Chagas


Thiago Macedo
Alessandro Botelho
Marlus Souza
Matheus Onda
Fabrício Andrey
Matias Estevez


Lucas Protasio
Andre Cantanhede
João Paulo Sousa
Luiz Paulo Medeiros
Wallison Souza “Tarta”


Pedro Neto
Uanderson Ferreira
Leon Brito
Luan Carvalho
Alex Munis
Johnathan Pessanha “Moicano”


Igor Sousa
Marcos Carrozzino
Gabriel Oliveira “Blade”
Rider Zuchi
Patrick Gaudio
Vinicius Liberati


Yatan Bueno
Wallace Costa
Herico Hesley
Diego Cardoso
Helder Junior


Women’s Brown/Black Belt


Diana Thais
Brenda Larissa
Jessica Caroline
Isadora Maggioni


Alexa Yanes
Milene Silva
Ana Schmitt
Karen Terra


Julia Alves
Maria Delahaye
Larissa Santos
Vitoria Vieira


Ingridd Sousa
Thalyta Silva
Ana Remneva
Sami Galvão


Gabrieli Pessanha
Mayara Moreira
Izadora Silva
Thamiris Silva