ADGS Abu Dhabi: Check Out The Highlights Registered In The Professional Black Belt

ADGS Abu Dhabi: Check Out The Highlights Registered In The Professional Black Belt

After spending the whole season traveling the globe and bringing exciting Jiu-Jitsu duels to some of the most beautiful cities in the world, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour is coming back to the UAE, landing at the AJP‘s birthplace for three days of competition.

Scheduled to take place between May 10th and 12th, the tournament will welcome athletes of all ages and graduations to the comfortable halls of the Mubadala Arena.
One of the most awaited groups for the tournament, the Professional category will take point at the ADGS on its third and final day.

Given the event’s importance, it is no wonder that some of the greatest names in the Elite of Jiu-Jitsu have already saved their spot to show their skills in Abu Dhabi, so without further ado, let’s check out the highlights registered to compete in the Professsional Black Belt category of the ADGS Abu Dhabi!



In the lightest division in the Men’s category, the UAE team comes strong to fight for the gold, bringing fan favorites Zayed Alkatheeri and Omar Al Suwaidi alongside Theyab Alnuaimi and Haitham Hanawi.
However, they’ll be up against the likes of Welison Fernandes, Marko Oikarainen, Kalel Santos, and Bruno Borges, all ready to spoil the party of the UAE black belts.


Representing Cícero Costha, Yuri Hendrex and Jefferson Fagundes enter as favorites for the division title, followed closely by the fierce competitor Khaled Alshehi, who earned many achievements for the UAE this season.
Other promising names like Giovanny Nascimento and the Japanese Shoya Ishiguro promise even more excitement in the upcoming battles.


Packed with stars, the 69kg division promises to be one of the most competitive at the event.
In the group of favorites, names like Diego “Pato” Batista, Thiago Marques, Thiago Macedo, Matheus Onda, and Mohammed Al Suwaidi arrive as strong names, followed very closely by Artur Oliveira, Thiago Bravo, and the Georgia ace Dzhimsher Razmadze.


For the 77kg division, powerhouses such as Lucas Protasio, Luiz Paulo Medeiros, Ali Monfaradi, Andre Cantanhede, and Adriano Araújo promise to heat up the mats at the Mubadala Arena.
The bracket will also feature athletes from many parts of the world, such as Belarus, Russia, Colombia, Iran, and Jordan, showcasing just how globalized Jiu-Jitsu has become under the AJP’s watch.


A familiar face from other competitions in Abu Dhabi, Uanderson Ferreira will be featured in the 85kg bracket.
Manuel Ribamar and Pedro “Bolo” Silva arrive as other powerhouses in the group, ready to reach the highest spot on the podium, followed by challengers such as Lucas Giraud, Ives Sacramento, and Flavio Vianna.


Marcos Carrozzino and Luiz Betta are well-known figures in the 94kg brackets at AJP, but other beasts like Jackson Sousa, Renato Cardoso, and Catriel Rodrigues will spice things up even more as they seek the division gold.


With the two-time champion Felipe Bezerra, the experienced Igor Silva, and the relentless Yatan Bueno, the heaviest division has no shortage of talented contenders for its title.
Other well-known names such as Wallace Costa, Matheus “Tá Danado” Xavier, Anton Seleznev, and Rodrigo Ribeiro arrive in full force for the tournament.




Brenda Larissa and Diana Teixeira will be heavily challenged by names that are starting to shine in the lighter division, such as Shouq Aldhanham and Margarita Ochoa, to name a few.


An AJP World Tour veteran, Alexa Yanes comes to once again show her prowess on the mats, and she’ll be facing some very strong opponents, like Beatriz Campos, Ariadne Oliveira, and Randryely Souza.


Coming as the favorite in the group, Julia Alves with her sights set on the gold, but she’ll have to contend with Maria Delahaye, Yara Kakish, Rafaela Bertolot, and Violeta Angelova to reach her goal.


Ingridd Sousa, Izadora Silva, and Magdalena Loska stand out in the 70kg group, with Marwa Alhousani and Rima Yacoub following closely in the race for the top of the podium.


Yara Soares stands out in the 95kg division, but she’ll be facing impressive names like Maria Carolina Vicentini, Isabely Lemos, and Marcelle Cantanhede, all with great chances of winning the title in Abu Dhabi.