ADCC Champion Orlando Sanchez Exact Cause Of Death Revealed

ADCC Champion Orlando Sanchez Exact Cause Of Death Revealed

ADCC champion and elite BJJ athlete Orlando Sanchez passed away back in December 2022.
In a coroner report shared just a few days ago, it has been revealed that the cause of Sanchez’s death was illicit drugs overdose. In particular, Fentanyl and Methamphetamine.

Sanchez was known for his aggressive BJJ style, as well as for his outspoken persona and for being one of the fastest-ever promoted BJJ black belts in history (a feat he achieved in just 4 years of training).

He was also known for a number of controversies in the BJJ community.
For instance, several years ago he was criticized for spiking a visiting white belt on his head:

Sanchez also faced serious allegations back in 2016, due to an alleged grooming incident and improper conduct with female students.
Here’s what a Reddit thread from back then stated:

Gracie Barra professor and regional director is loosing his school as students leave in mass exodus. Within the last few weeks, Orlando Sanchez has seen all his inner circle crumble. GBP competition team, all his black belts, and a large number of parents leave his academy.
All in the wake of an affair with a female student Orlando groomed from the ripe age of fifteen. An affair that took place behind closed doors, at the academy, and in his private home wile his wife was away. The relationship reportedly lasted the span of a year.

Mr. Sanchez has a long track record of loosing female students due to sexual harassment and affairs. He has also been know to carry on relationships with mothers and students with husbands that train under him.
One student reports of photos on the GBLCF iPad containing nude photos of a student/mother/wife. The not so tech savvy Sanches unwittingly linked his phone to the academy iPad.