ADCC 2024: Mo Jassim Confirmed As Head Organizer

ADCC 2024: Mo Jassim Confirmed As Head Organizer

Mo Jassim has been confirmed as the head organizer for ADCC 2024, which makes it the third consecutive time that he’s been given this responsibility.

Jassim is one of the most influential figures in the BJJ world today. The news about him being the ADCC 2024 choice were shared by the promotion’s official Instagram account:


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According to Jits. Magazine, Jassim already has plans on how to vastly improve the entire tournament:

There will be assigned seating 100%. Sunday will be much faster, hall of fame Friday or Saturday, earlier start time… Bronze matches on multiple mats.

I read all feedback and take it to heart, I know a good amount of people didn’t like that one announcer and other issues. We didn’t execute as well as we could for sure and will aim to address those issues for 2024.
It’s going to be a hell of a show and I am going for the Mack daddy arena.

There will be changes across the board, from judging, professionalism, time management. I agree with many of the points I am seeing and I have no issues enacting major sweeping changes.

I have been approached by Flo, Amazon and UFC for [broadcasting] ADCC. Anything is possible.