ADCC 2013 Under 66KG List Of Competitors So Far


Source: Adcombat.com

The 66kgs brackets is looking stacked…”With the ADCC drawing near (Beijing, China October 19 & 20) , here is Kid Peligro’s UNOFFICIAL ADCC 2013 competitors list. The list has been carefully compiled with the best information available and should be pretty solid with Championship/trial winners and officially invited competitors but it IS NOT the ADCC Committee’s list as some names were confirmed by the athletes themselves.”

We will start with the Men’s Under 66KG
1- Rafael Mendes – 2011 Champion
2- Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” – 2011 runner up
3- Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes – announced by the committtee
4- Justin Rader – announced by the committtee
5- Robert Sabaruddin – Asia-Pacific Championship
6- Timo Juhani Hirvikangas – European Championship
7- Mark Ramos – North American Championship East
8 – Darson Hemmings – North American Championship West
9- Nicholas Renier European Poland Trials
10- Joao Miyao – Brazil Championship
11- Uruka Sasaki – Asian Championship

Who else would you add tho this list?

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