A Night Of Tweets: MMA & BJJ Pros React To Metamoris IV

A Night Of Tweets: MMA & BJJ Pros React To Metamoris IV


Check out MMA and BJJ stars reacted in tweets to Metamoris IV:

Shayna Baszler @QoSBaszler
#Metamoris4 is everything submission wrestling matches should be. Awesome venue, presentation, & show!

Roxanne Modafferi @Roxyfighter
I love watching @MetamorisPro !! This grappling is so interesting!!

Luke Thomas @SBNLukeThomas
Tonon calls out Kron after losing to him at the last ADCC. Says if he can’t get it, is happy to meet him in MMA. #TononForPrez

Cole Miller @colemillerATT
Ground work was great between Saulo and Comprido. I need to get up in that mix. @MetamorisPro #Metamoris4 #BJJ

Shayna Baszler @QoSBaszler
Keenan won me over w/his hilarity

Michael Chiesa @MikeMav22
Let’s go @VinnyMMA. Remember that staph lock I showed ya.

mayhem @mayhemmiller
So far, this @metamorispro is worth every penny-all it’s missing is more hot chicks…


Yoshida vs. Glover


Ryan Hall @ryanhallbjj
Secret match @MetamorisPro is awesome. Jeff…could use some more clothing.

@kennyflorian did you really not know Jeff Glover would compete tonight?!?!
Kenny Florian @kennyflorian
Not a clue. @youjitsu is a stud!

•Grappling is supposed to simulate a fight, turn your back in a fight you get you balls kicked in
•Not enjoying watching this match whatsoever


Barnett vs. Lister


Shayna Baszle @QoSBaszler
People cant realize how painful #Warmaster @JoshLBarnett is being right now

Kind of feels like I am watching Royce vs Dan Severn.

Coach @CMPunk

Shayna Baszler @QoSBaszler
1st time Dean has been submitted in 16yrs!

Brian Rogers @BRogthePredator
Did Barnett just do for catch wrestling what machida did for karate a few years ago… “Welcome to the barnett era” ( @joerogan voice )


Galvão vs. Sonnen


Looking foreword to the Sonnen match more than ever… You’ll never see a gangster use a donkey guard

I might lay on my back but I almost never give my back. @MetamorisPro congrats Andre Galvao!

Cris Cyborg @criscyborg
Chael tapped!! Parabens coach!!! Osss @Galvaobjj @AtosJiuJitsu Heyyyyy!!! Congrats

Anderson Silva @SpiderAnderson
congratulations to André Galvão athletes and Chael Sonnen by big fight in Metamoris 4

Ronda Rousey @RondaRousey
Did anyone else just see @Renato_Laranja on @MetamorisPro ?!

Ottavia Bourdain @OttaviaBourdain
Metamoris 5 @Bourdain VS @Renato_Laranja please