6x World Champion Gabi Garcia Retires from IBJJF Competition

6x World Champion Gabi Garcia Retires from IBJJF Competition

Gabi Garcia, one of the most recognizable and respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes in the world, has decided to retire from IBJJF competition.
The 6x world champion decided to do so at the 2021 IBJJF World Championship:


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In an emotional comment below the post, Gabi Garcia expressed her gratitude and goals for what’s coming next in her career:

Thanks for everything!
It’s unbelievable feeling step in this mats!
Everything I have in life is for choosing Jiu-Jitsu my job!

I really wanted the medal! But today I came to fight just for me!
17 years ago I remember how many times I was booed!
Today I wanted to see the scene I’ve always been waiting for!
To see people standing there applauding my career, people hugging and thanking me!
Seeing people cry with me!

It was the hardest decision of my life!
But I can’t just dedicate myself to training anymore!
And I came to thank @ibjjf for putting me on the biggest stage in the world!
And show everyone that Jiu-Jitsu makes money and it’s my JOB!
I was happy today! I needed to finish my career by thanking everyone!
Now I want to make my students champions!
I have big projects and today my heart hurts but i gave everything in this mats!
The medal came in bronze!
But see people was standing up is my goal!
Focus on MMA, on cameras, for ADCC I’m really going to train, my gym and now officially in my heart now stay the best moments and memories of my life’
Walking to Worlds final’s we can’t explain!
Thank you Alliance !
Thank you my family
THANKS to my master @fabiogurgel who always guided me, forever my loyalty! I love you MASTER!