3 Champions Leave Leandro Lo’s Brotherhood Team To Join Atos San Diego

3 Champions Leave Leandro Lo’s Brotherhood Team To Join Atos San Diego

Team switching in Jiu-Jitsu is a very controversial topic that will always provoke different points of views and arguments among the BJJ community. Throughout Jiu-Jitsu history, there have always been individuals that have gone their own way, leaving their initial team or master, to either join another team or create their own. This is what many people know as “Creontes”. If you think about it, the majority of BJJ players and competitors could be considered “creontes” unless they were with just one academy their whole lives.

3 black belt champions Gustavo Batista, Luiza Monteiro, and Rafel Vasconcelos have left Leandro Lo’s Brotherhood team and have joined rivals Atos in San Diego.

Brotherhood was formed in summer of 2015 when Lo left PSLPB Cicero Costha (Social Project Fighting For Good) and formed his own team, taking with him some of the most important talents of the Sao Paulo academy, including his then girlfriend Luiza Monteiro, Batista and Vasconcelos.

In their 2 and a half years of existence, Brotherhood team made a big impact on the world competition scene with Lo’s results, and the rest of the competition team.

In the meantime, Luiza Monteiro’s romantic relationship with Lo ended and Batista and her started dating.

Monteiro is a two time BJJ world champion at black belt, and actualy received her black belt from Cavaca before switching team’s to Cicero Costha, then Brotherhood and now finally Atos.

Batista won the worlds at blue belt and won the Europeans at every belt. He also defeated 7x world champion Xande Ribeiro last year while still a brown belt.

They will join Atos’ incredible competition team which houses countless world champions.

Monteiro said about the move:

A NEW BEGINNING … Always in search of dreams. Today a new stage of our life begins and with that one closes.
Very grateful to N.S Brotherhood for the time we were together, for all the learning that was left!
Very happy with our choice to represent