2014 Europeans Blue Belt Double Gold Champ, Anton Selezenev, The Next Russian BJJ Phenom?



Photo: Graciemag

Could the young Russian blue belt Anton Selezenev be the next big BJJ phenom to come out of Russia?

He is a member of Team Strela from Russia (Brasa- Caio Terra) and on Thursday, won the adult male open class blue belt gold. After four matches, he defeated Reinier de Ridder in the final for the title. Anton also won the ultra-heavy division and impressed all that were present there.

Russia has a number of promising blue to black belts that have medaledat Europeans and world competition. For ex:

Black belt Leonid Gatovskiy, Purple belt Lena Zenkevitch, Brown belt Daud Adaev, Black belt Arbi Muradov, Purple belt Stas Varshavsky etc..

Estonian BJJ black belt Martin Aedma had this to say about Anton:

“In December I gave a seminar down at Strela, Saint Petersburg. Had a chance to roll with Anton, he is a very nice and cool dude! But a total BEAST on the mat Very, very hard roll with him. So I cant say that im really surprised, I think he would have done just same in purples and possibly even browns. Congrats to Anton and World, watch out!”

Anton Selezenev from Russia, remember that name!

Watch Anton in action (toward sthe end of the video):