2013 Pan: Big Names Shine at Masters & Seniors

The 2013 Pan also showcased the veterans, and stars of yesterday: the Masters and Seniors. Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros (Brasa) took gold in the Master black belt defeating Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao) in the final. Rodrigo took the bronze in the super-heavyweight category, which was won by the always dangerous Rodrigo Munduruca  (Gracie Humaita).

The master division was full of stars. At featherweight, Denilson Pimenta (GFTeam) was the champion in that category and Baret Yoshida took third. At middleweight, Adriano Silva (Barbosa) was the best. At heavyweight, Rodrigo Pinheiro took the title for Gracie Humaita.

Others who shone among athletes older than 30 years were Gustavo “Sirizinho” Pires (Gracie Barra), at superheavy, Marcos Torregrosa (Yemaso BJJ), who won the gold in the lightweight beating Theodoro Canal, and Daniel Beleza (SAS), the champion at feather. At Heavyweight, Gustavo Camargo (Gracie Barra) defeated Fernando Soluço in the final and took gold.

In Senior division the spotlight was for Roberto Godoy, super heavyweight champion and open. Another champion was Fabio Leopoldo who dominated the heavyweight division which featured the likes of Eduardo Telles (silver) and Marcelo Vilhena (bronze).

In Senior 1, Cassio Werneck won the medium and Cleber Luciano was the best at pena

In Senior 2, Givanildo Santana (Lotus Club) was relentless in heavyweight and absolute.