2012 Pan No-Gi Results, Pablo Popovitch Absolute Champion



Source Gracie Mag

The 2012 Pan Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi was held in New York on saturday.

Pablo Popovitch was the adult black belt absolute champion, defeating Alliance’s Lucas Lepri in the final match by two advantages scored for having almost passed Lepri’s guard.

The black belt division champions were: Henrique Silva (light-feather), Osvaldo Moizinho (Feather), Lucas Lepri (Light), Vinicius Marinho (Middle), Kleber Oliveira (Medium-heavy), Roberto Alencar (Heavy), Diego Gamonal (Super-Heavy), Diego Santana(Ultra-Heavy).

In the master & senior division, Fernando Di Pierro (master heavyweight champion) and UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida (senior 1 meddium-heavyweight champion) deserve mention.

In the Teams competition, Alliance topped the adults podium with 72pts followed by Gracie Elite (43pts) and Toronto BJJ (43pts). Alliance also won the female and the master & senior divisions. In the juvenile competition, Renato Tavares Association finished first.

BLACK – Adult – Male

FIRST Henrique Rezende Costa e Silva – Alliance
SECOND Laercio Fernandes – Lotus Club Jiu-Jitsu
THIRD Joseph Capizzi – Renzo Gracie


FIRST Osvaldo Augusto H. Moizinho – Gracie Fighter
SECOND Samir José Chantre Dahás – Gracie Fighter
THIRD Jin Yung – Renzo Gracie
THIRD Sidemar Honorio – Renzo Gracie Academy


FIRST Lucas Alves Lepri – Alliance
SECOND Renan Borges – Brazilian Top Team
THIRD Jason Palacios – Team Royce Gracie
THIRD Oliver Leys Geddes – Gracie Elite Team


FIRST Vinícius Tavares Marinho – GF Team
SECOND Francisco Daniel Pires Tavares – SAS Team
THIRD Bruno Franco Fernandes – Gracie Barra
THIRD Alex Aristides – Serra BJJ Academy


FIRST Kleber de Oliveira Paulino – Gracie Barra
SECOND Ezra Zendt Lenon – American Top Team
THIRD Pablo Popovitch – The Avengers
THIRD Frederico Moncaio – The Avengers


FIRST Roberto Camargo de Alencar – Gracie Barra
SECOND Alexandre Henrique Moreno Moreira – Team Link
THIRD Leonardo I. Iturralde Aguirre – Alliance
THIRD Ricardo de Souza de Rezende – The Avengers


FIRST Diego Gamonal Nogueira – Brazilian Top Team
SECOND Daniel Simmler – Renzo Gracie Academy


FIRST Diego Pereira de Santana – Gracie Humaita DF
SECOND Tiago Pereira Almeida – Gracie Humaita DF

Open Class

FIRST Pablo Popovitch – The Avengers
SECOND Lucas Alves Lepri – Alliance
THIRD Kleber de Oliveira Paulino – Gracie Barra
THIRD Diego Pereira de Santana – Gracie Humaita DF

For the full results, click here.

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