2 Break Out Stars Dominate The Purple Belts at 2013 Europeans

Photo by Graciemag

Photo by Graciemag

Charlotte Von Baumgarten (Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Germany) and Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin) both took double gold (weight and absolute) at Purple belt at Europeans.

Charlotte Von Baumgarten is the big name at the female adult purple belt. After winning the lightweight division, the 25 year old German athlete from Alliance also conquered the absolute. Training Jiu-Jitsu for over six years, she had three fights in the open class, with one submission. The final match was against Emilie Thylin (Dinamix Fighting Sports), and won by points. The gold medal collection was complete with the win at the lightweight division as well.

Competing under the flag of Team Lloyd Irvin, Spriggs came from Baltimore, Maryland, where he trains at Crazy 88 Academy. He used some powerful shakedowns to take his opponents to the ground. With that, he first demolished his adversaries in the heavyweight division. Then, in the absolute, four more matches, all won by points, for the gold. The final challenge was against Alliance’s Rehan Muttalib and a guard pass was responsible for the 3-0 score that meant gold.

We look forward to see more of these 2 very promising BJJ players in the future!

Results So Far: https://www.ibjjfdb.com/Campeonato/PublicResults?CampeonatoId=154&CultureInfo=en-US

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