10th Planet Coach & Former UFC Fighter Arrested For Sexually Abusing Underaged Girl

10th Planet Coach & Former UFC Fighter Arrested For Sexually Abusing Underaged Girl

Gerald Strebendt (39), instructor of 10th planet Eugene and former UFC fighter has been arrested today (Wednesday) for allegedly sexually abusing an underaged female student. This is not the first time that Strebendt has been in trouble with the law. He did prison time after being convicted in 2015 for killing a man in a road rage altercation.

Strebendt is a long time friend and student of Eddie Bravo and is the instructor of 10th planet Eugene. He was the the instructor of the underaged girl whom he allegedly abused. He is also a former marine sniper and blackwater op.

Police detectives are saying that there might be other victims. Anyone with information can call 541-682-5147.

After killing a man with a riffle, he was convicted of “criminally negligent homicide with a firearm” in 2015, he only served two years and was released last year for good behaviour and faced a far less serious charge.

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According to local news, he got away with a far less serious charge because of a technicality:

Strebendt used a semiautomatic rifle to kill Crofut, 53, in January 2014 after a minor traffic collision on Bob Straub Parkway in southeast Springfield.

Strebendt was initially charged with murder for the death. However, he was given an unusual and unexpected plea deal the following year that dropped the murder charge and allowed him to plead guilty to a far less serious count of criminally negligent homicide with a firearm.

Strebendt was sentenced to four years and 10 months in prison, but received credit for the nearly 15 months he spent in jail before his sentencing, as well as good behavior displayed in prison. He was released last August. He remains on post-prison supervision.

Strebendt fought from 2001 to 2008 in the UFC and is a 10th planet black belt.