When You’re The Big Guy That Nobody Wants To Roll With

When You’re The Big Guy That Nobody Wants To Roll With

Being a big person in BJJ isn’t a bad thing.

If you’re a bigger person in BJJ. 1. How can you make your flexibility better for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 2. How do you roll with smaller people when you’re self conscious?

As long as you’re being safe on the mat. You’re actually providing an awesome service for your training partners.

You help your training partners get used to the pressure associated with bigger training partners, opponents or attackers.

In this video I talk about why having a bigger training is actually very useful and is actually a good thing for your BJJ training.

This video came about because of a question I received from a BJJ White Belt who is a bigger guy and is struggling with figuring out what he should be doing for his BJJ training with his lighter training partners.

So if you’re a bigger man or woman in your BJJ gym. I hope this video is helpful.

Nick Albin

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