Your Training Partners Will Love The “Leg Nelson” Technique… Or Maybe Not

Your Training Partners Will Love The “Leg Nelson” Technique… Or Maybe Not

Kesa-Gatame aka scarf hold in grappling terms, is categorized as a side control hold.

Kesa-Gatame occurs naturally with many Judo throws where tori wraps an arm around uke’s waist, if tori follows the throw to the ground.

May people think that they can escape the kesa Gatame pin and take the opponnent’s back. They can IF the opponent doesn’t know how to pin properly with Kesa Gatame…. When applied correctly it is extremely difficult to escape.

There are also lots of submissions from there such as:

Armbar with the legs
Waki Gatame Arm Bar
Calf and Forearm Choke
Sankaku Jime (reverse triangle choke).

Have you ever tapped someone out with the Leg Nelson submission technique? Really, not yet? Well, let’s just say that it’s quite easy to set up from Side Control and that it goes together well with the Reverse Triangle.
Plus, your training partners are going to love it. Well, at least if they’re not on the receiving end… Here’s why:

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