Your Only 2 Options in BJJ: Do What You’re Good At, Or Get Good At What You Want To Do

Your Only 2 Options in BJJ: Do What You’re Good At, Or Get Good At What You Want To Do

If you want to become great, or even just good, at Jiu-Jitsu – then there’s no going around the fact… That you’ll need to put in the work. The sweat, the frustrations which you’ll overcome, and the focus required to learn and use new techniques.
But, no matter how difficult the task ahead of you is, becoming skilled in BJJ is still simple. For, it comes down to the only two options you have; either doing what you’re already good at, or getting good at what you want to do.

Brian Glick, a John Danaher black belt who’s been training under the famed BJJ instructor for over 20 years, explains what this means:

Only two options: do what you’re already good at, or get good at what you want to do. Because of the wealth of techniques and strategic choices in jiu-jitsu, you could certainly choose to focus on what you’re already good at.

You can recruit your strength or flexibility or speed, or any other attribute you have and let that take you as far as you can. Alternatively, you could take on something that’s important to you but isn’t covered by what you know now or by your pre-existing natural abilities.
You could pick a different strategic approach or perspective and the techniques that come with it; then focus on doing what it takes to get good at these new skills.

Glick emphasizes that complaining, becoming resentful, or similar… Isn’t an option:

You’ll probably notice that there’s no third option – like complaining, doing something poorly or becoming resentful. Any of these may be emotionally gratifying in the short term but excuses won’t move you forward. How difficult the task is or how hard you have to work are things that matter ONLY TO YOU.
At the end of the day, growth and improvement will only come when you make the decision to put your head down and do the work, whatever it may be.


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