You SHOULD Practice LOW PERCENTAGE Moves In BJJ at all Times

You SHOULD Practice LOW PERCENTAGE Moves In BJJ at all Times

If you want to win in Jiu Jitsu, you’ve got to use the right techniques! This is true for the defensive, escape, guard passing, and for the submission techniques alike. So, it’s often advised that you should always go for the „high percentage“ moves.
However, you should still attempt low percentage techniques in BJJ. Here are the three most important reasons why!



Despite popular opinion, BJJ is not just about knowing how to execute a technique. Nor is it totally about the details which are required for its efficiency.
While both of these components are inseparable from having a successful roll or winning at a tournament, there’s one other, equally important skill that you have to learn. The skill of timing.

Quite simply, you can have the best technique in the world, but if you don’t use it at the right time, you’re not going to be successful. Therefore, you have to develop a sense of timing… And that’s where the first benefit of practicing and using low percentage techniques comes to use; they teach you the importance of choosing the right moment.
That is, you have to develop really good timing if you want to successfully apply low percentage techniques, especially submissions. If you don’t – even if you’re just slightly off the mark – they’re never going to work.

So, go for those low percentage moves, as they’ll show you how important timing is; plus they’ll improve it in other techniques alike.



It’s often said that the worst thing in life is regret; not doing something, not taking the chances when they were presented to you. And the same can be said about chances in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… You don’t even have to look too far into your rolling past, just think back to your last two training sessions or so. How many submission opportunities did you miss – just because you didn’t notice an opportunity to go for it?
Who knows! That’s why knowing how to perform a technique and having good timing for it isn’t enough. You first have to be capable of spotting an opportunity to go for a technique.

And this skill is quite difficult to learn! You’ll never truly achieve ultimate greatness in it; you’ll be improving it for the rest of your Jiu-Jitsu life. There will always be opportunities that you won’t notice, but they will become lower in quantity as your mat time adds up through the years.

However, low percentage techniques can help you improve in this regard as well! The reason is simple: to hit a low percentage technique (submission, most often), it’s necessary to see the opportunity for it – and take it immediately.
By trying to use these moves when you roll, you’ll develop an „eye“ for opportunities all around your BJJ repertoire. And you’ll better understand the importance of just going for the submission when you see it, without overthinking!



Finally, the third most important reason why you should be doing low percentage techniques – submissions, in particular – is because you can use them as a setup for other techniques. That is, when you go for a low percentage submission, you shouldn’t be thinking only about tapping the opponent out with it… But how you can use it to set up other submissions and get the tap with those instead!

In a way, you can look at low percentage moves as something that doesn’t necessarily have to work; but as something that can open a lot of doors for points and submissions!
Plus, if they do work, then even better.

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