You Owe It To Yourself To Become a BJJ Black Belt

You Owe It To Yourself To Become a BJJ Black Belt

What would it mean for you to become a BJJ black belt? Not just in terms of your Jiu Jitsu journey, but for your life as well?
Whatever your answer is, you need to be absolutely certain of one thing: you owe it to yourself to become a black belt.

Every jiujiteiro starts their journey out of curiosity, in one way or another. Perhaps you saw BJJ displayed in its full potential in an MMA match. Perhaps you have a friend that showed you how to do an armbar at a party and you were absolutely starstruck. Or, maybe you have an another friend who stayed persistent that you come to his class and, after three months of constant pleas, you’ve finally succumbed to the pressure and came.

Whatever the reason was for getting started, you got hooked and fell in love with the sport. And, as any love relationship, you figured that it has both its good and bad days. But the bad days don’t bother you too much, so you stay consistent and keep coming in, day in and day out. Rain or shine, sad or happy, you come to class and keep pushing yourself. Finally, at the end of the class, you smile as you realize – the beauty of BJJ is that you can always rest assured it will make you better than you were before.


You become better! The lessons that the mats offer don’t just translate to performing the correct techniques and to being a more skilled jiujiteiro, but also to leading a more fulfilled life.
The things that once seemed difficult don’t seem to be as difficult as getting out of that 120kg purple belt’s mount. The self confidence that might’ve lacked in your early BJJ days and at your first business meetings have now both, almost simultaneously, evaporated into thin air. And who would have said – it seems that, after all that time spent at your academy, drilling and rolling and staying stubborn in doing the things you once thought there was absolutely no chance you would be able to do… That you are now a better parent to your kids as well.

That’s why. That’s why you owe it to yourself to become a black belt. Because you will become a better and a more wholesome person in the process.
You owe it to yourself to become a BJJ and life black belt, and then to still keep on going until your body doesn’t let you do so anymore.

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