Wrestling World Champ J’Den Cox Explains Biggest Takedown Mistakes That BJJ Athletes Make

Wrestling World Champ J’Den Cox Explains Biggest Takedown Mistakes That BJJ Athletes Make

Be honest with us… Do you feel as if your takedowns somewhat suck? That no matter how good your ground game is, that it isn’t enough to foreshadow your lack of wrestling skills? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you’re going to be happy to hear that Jayden Cox – one of the best American freestyle wrestlers – has decided to share a couple of tips for all the struggling Jiujiteiros out there!
In a video with Gordon Ryan and Bernardo Faria, he explains the mistakes BJJ athletes make when going for a takedown.



The biggest takedown mistake that BJJ athletes make, explains Cox, is that they focus too much on finishing the takedown instead of setting it up. That is to say: if you spend more effort into setting up takedowns, you’re going to have a much easier time finishing them… Rather than having a lousy setup that will make your finish extraordinarily difficult.
Hand-in-hand with this mistake goes the fact that Jiujiteiros don’t think about angles when going for a takedown. In order for your setup to be as efficient as possible, your angle has to be right. Also, you can’t just stop when you catch a takedown (such as a Single Leg). Instead, you’ve got to keep moving in order incapacitate your opponent from defending properly.

In other words, you should aim to become the laziest, but most effective takedown player on the mats. You should spend the least energy possible, while still taking people down. And that is only possible if you focus on your setup, not only on your finish.
Watch Jayden Cox explain these mistakes on the video below, as well as demonstrate a couple of great takedown setups:

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J’Den Cox is a 3x NCAA Champion, 4x NCAA All American, 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2017 World Bronze Medalist, and 2018 World Gold Medalist.

J’Den is considered by man one of the most talented wrestlers in American history. Known for his technical and acrobatic style J’Den is a mastermind on the mats.

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