Wrestlers Workout: Agility, Explosiveness, and Muscular Endurance

Wrestlers Workout: Agility, Explosiveness, and Muscular Endurance

When it comes to strength and conditioning, many Grapplers especially BJJ practitioners still train like amateurs.

Mark Philippi, co-owner of Philippi Sports Institute (PSI), has released a professional 9 week peaking program proven to increase strength, power, and speed, ideal for Gi/No Gi Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo. These are 45-minute Workout Sessions. They involve soft tissue mobilization and regenerative exercises designed to prevent injury.

Here are some ideas for increasing muscular endurance while maintaining agility and incorporating explosive exercises.


The power of moving quickly and easily. What good is strength if speed and reaction time cannot support it? Agility is necessary for countless sports. You’ll see that a few exercises here involve the changing of fulcrums within an exercise as well as rapid movement of the feet.


This is a large spurt of energy and strength as quickly as possible. Any exercise can strengthen explosiveness by coiling up the working muscle group in a controlled manner and then launching it into an explosive motion as fast as possible.

Muscular Endurance

You might be able to curl 150 lbs., but for how many reps? Most strength maximums can only be performed in a 2-4 rep set. I drop the amount of weight to about 60-75% sub max and take the set to failure (usually between 12-15 reps)

These are simply ideas for a workout. You can try to perform the exact workout seen in this video, but please try to mix it up. Change the order of workouts and the exercises altogether.

Kyle Snyder is an American amateur wrestler and Olympic gold medalist and world champion. Here is his strength and conditioning training highlight:

You need more than just technique, you need GAME CHANGING concepts & details.

Calling this instructional “Game Changer” is possibly the understatement of the millennium. This must be the greatest collection of BJJ concepts, theories, and applications EVERY filmed. Paul Schreiner (main instructor at Marcelo Garcia Academy NYC) breaks down the “how’s” and “why’s” & goes into great detail about mechanics, movements, positioning and more. The depth of the material covered in this series is so deep this may be the one instructional you will refer to throughout your BJJ journey.