Woodley’s BJJ Coach: First Thing You learn At BJJ – How To Bow to Mat and Kiss the Instructor’s A**

Woodley’s BJJ Coach: First Thing You learn At BJJ – How To Bow to Mat and Kiss the Instructor’s A**

Woodley’s BJJ Coach Din Thomas recently guested on the Joe Rogan Experience. In spite of awarding a bjj black belt to Woodley Thomas is all but impressed with the work ethic of bjj folks. He went on to say:

“Any wrestler’s brought up different. There’s a different level of toughness, a different level of competitiveness. When you go to jiu-jitsu schools the first thing you learn how to do is bow to mat and kiss the instructor’s as*. That’s it, you’re learning self defense and you’re learning respect. In wrestling it’s not about that, it’s about dominating. Winning, and dominating. So they have years of experience of doing that, just that mindset.

You go to a jiu-jitsu school and it’s a bunch of dudes smoking pot, layin’ back. They roll 5 minutes, sit and smoke for 30, roll 5 minutes…you go to a wrestling room, it’s hot and sweaty, they’re all uncomfortable, they’re all grinding, so you take THAT guy and you teach him some basic jiu-jitsu and you’ve got a champ. This is the mindset for me.”



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Thomas went on to talk to Rogan on an assortment of topics including attacking someone with a wrench?!


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