Woman Has Foot Amputated Because She Couldn’t Do BJJ or Walk Due To Previous Injury

Woman Has Foot Amputated Because She Couldn’t Do BJJ or Walk Due To Previous Injury

Jordan Beckwith, 27, was just 13 when she shattered her ankle in 2005. Since then the injury has persisted and has prevented her from the simple life joys – dog walking, jiu jitsu, and functioning like a normal human being.

metro reports:

‘It was a very, very odd injury.

‘The doctor called to another doctor and they said they had never seen something like it before.’
‘I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do my job, I couldn’t even take my dogs for a two-minute walk.

‘I couldn’t do jiu jitsu. I was icing my ankle every night.

‘I didn’t want to live like that anymore.’

Jordan visited a surgeon in Denver, Colorado, who gave her to options: a risky ankle replacement or an amputation.

This lead Jordan to take drastic measures – first she wrote a breakup letter to her foot and subsequently demanded she have it amputated.

Fed up of a life of surgery after surgery, Jordan chose amputation.

‘I had to take all the emotion out of the decision.

‘This would give me the highest quality of life.

‘It would help me walk and maybe run, I could participate in sports again.

‘I had many conversations with my family and eventually they understood and supported me.’

Jordan describes herself as:

“Jo Beckwith
Happy wife. 💜
Trauma survivor & advocate. 🌸
Mom to way too many fur babies. 🐾
Jiujitsu practitioner. 🙏🏼
Amputee ✂️
Artist. 🎨”

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