Why Training BJJ With Your Loved One Is Great For You

Why Training BJJ With Your Loved One Is Great For You


BJJ Can Deepen the Feelings Of Attachment and Bring you Closer Together


From a chemical standpoint mixing true love of bjj with the follies of romantic love makes perfect sense. Oxytocin, the cuddle hormone is released by both men and women during orgasm, similarly it’s also secreted during hugs or as we call ‘em: closed guard, half guard and side control!

What are the effects of this you ask? Well it’s suggested that this kind of interaction deepens the feelings of attachment and makes those involved much closer. And this doesn’t even count the spontaneous gestures and fellowship forged in hardship.


BJJ Can Improve Your Sex Drive


Training with your romantic partner can have a multitude of positive effects. Higher sex drive just happens to be one of them. Unlike running, jiu-jitsuis more likely to increase testosterone levels which usually increases the sex drive. Just the nature of the experience – being both combative and competitive will bump your T levels!


Jiu-Jitsu Can Moderate Anger and Act as Therapy


Some psychotherapy journals place involvement in jiu-jitsu in a group with dance therapy, art therapy, psychodrama and meditation.  Being involved in jiu-jitsu will increase self-esteem, self-confidence, management of feelings, and decrease sleep disturbances and depression. Through this  types of training your relationship will be positively influenced since you will both have more stability of personality and emotional balance in sports situations but also in life situations.


Learning the Limitations of  a Technique 


Training with your significant other will open up new frontiers for you. Besides bumping up the fun factor it is bound to get you to learn a thing or two. After the same amount of time practicing girls get to be more technical than guys because they can’t really rely on strength to tip the scales in their favor. This is all from the mouth of one of the most decorated bjj athletes in the world – Michelle Nicolini.


Understanding And Support


Grappling is often so consuming it compares to having a 2nd full time job. As such a significant other or a friend will often try to undermine or redirect your attention to something else. But if they not only understand you, but feel the same way another potential relationship mine is evaded! You will get all the support you need, first-hand!

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