Why BJJ White Belts Should Focus on Fundamentals 1st

Why BJJ White Belts Should Focus on Fundamentals 1st

Every now and then we come across of a white belt that just won’t stop unsuccessfully spamming leglocks. This is the gift given to us by bjj being seen in many rulesets – the gi ibjjf one being the least watched thanks to paywalls and great number of players gaming the strategy and that specific ruleset.

This is just the thing Chewy focussed on in his last video – why white belts need to know the game before they try to pull off outside heel hooks in gis.

In BJJ, if you’re really flexible, should you focus on the basics of BJJ or should you move towards the more advanced position and techniques?

This is a question I received recently.

And I’ll say this. I think it’s always worth exploring different positions and techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Regardless of whether or not you think you can use them yet or not.

But in the beginning I think it is wise to focus on the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiujitsu.

I compare it to a home.

When you walk into a home do you pay much attention to the foundation?

For most people the answer is “No.” For most people they notice all the aesthetics that make the house attractive and enjoyable to live inside.

But if the foundation is falling apart, you can kiss all of that stuff goodbye.

And it’s the same in BJJ.

You can get into the more advanced techniques. But without a solid foundation in grappling. Your game will fall apart eventually.

If you’re a BJJ White Belt or someone who is curious about the basics and fundamentals in BJJ. I hope this video is useful to you.

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