Why Are You A BJJ Blue Belt For Such A Long Time?

Why Are You A BJJ Blue Belt For Such A Long Time?

It might’ve been a while since you were promoted to a BJJ blue belt… And it’s, kind of, getting on your nerves. More than anything, you’re confused; even though you’re consistent in training and you put in the effort, you’re not a purple belt just yet.
What gives? Why are you “blue” for such a long time? Well, generally speaking, there are two main reasons.



First of all, the expectations for a BJJ purple belt are way higher than for a BJJ blue belt. As you were transitioning from white to blue, there wasn’t too much up ahead of you; you just had to learn the basics and display basic knowledge of them, paired with consistency. But now, however, as a purple belt “contender”, the coaches are expecting a whole lot more from you.
You have to develop an understanding of all these different techniques and principles. And you’ve got to have at least a solid performance in them… It isn’t enough to just know the basics anymore.

With that said, there’s also a specific way that purple belts move. As a BJJ blue belt, you’re still rough around the edges; sure, you may not be spazzing out anymore, but your movements are still somewhat rough.
When you become a purple belt, there’ll be a certain ease to the way you move. A certain polished approach to it and a display of tying in techniques and positions together with relative ease.

Purple belts are characterized by their ease of movement and a polished approach to grappling. There’s an elegance and smoothness in how they tie techniques and positions together, which is less common at the blue belt level. Achieving this level of skill requires not just knowledge but a refined understanding of how to apply techniques in various scenarios seamlessly. This transition in movement and execution takes time and is a significant reason why many practitioners remain at the blue belt level for an extended period.

Embrace the Journey

In conclusion, being a blue belt for a long time in BJJ isn’t just a matter of time spent on the mat; it’s about the qualitative leap in skills, understanding, and execution. This period is essential for your growth as a martial artist. It’s an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, refine your techniques, and cultivate the mindset and movements that define a purple belt. Embrace this phase of your journey; the path to purple is as much about personal growth as it is about technical proficiency.