WHO You BECOME Is More Important Than What You Get Out Of Jiu Jitsu

WHO You BECOME Is More Important Than What You Get Out Of Jiu Jitsu

Sooner or later, as you train BJJ, you’ll start questioning if what you’re doing is resourceful at all. After all, you’re not doing so well in Jiu Jitsu (at least that’s what you’re telling yourself), you’re not learning techniques as quickly as you wish you did… Sure, you’re having fun as you train, but what are you getting out of it? You’re probably not going to be a professional athlete, and yet you devote so much time to training – so what is it in there for you?
The thing is, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it isn’t so much about what you’re getting out of it; but WHO you BECOME through it.



Think back to the first time you started training BJJ. Why did you do it? It’s quite unlikely that it was because you wanted to get something out of it. You began training because you wanted to, in some way, feel better through it.
You wished to develop self-confidence that comes through being able to defend yourself and your loved ones. You wanted to become fit and healthy. Or, you’ve simply heard of Jiu Jitsu, and thought that it was cool – that it’s something you want to try.

So you did! And what did it offer in return? That’s right; it granted you that heightened self-confidence that you were looking for, the fitness and the health, as well as great friendships and acquaintances.
In other words, BJJ not only made you feel better – but it made you better as well. And so it does, to this single day, every time you step on the mats; be it in training or competition!
The thing is, it’s easy to forget about this as you further thread your BJJ path. These are the moments when it’s important to remember that who you become is far more important than what you get – both in BJJ and in life.



The betterment of your life and the qualities you gain through training Jiu Jitsu far outweigh the things you think you should get through it; be it trophies and medals, being the best in your academy and having the best technique, or whatever else may come to mind. These things, even if you do manage to get them, will be lost over time. Your athleticism, speed and precision of technique execution will likely drop as you become older; whereas the medals will end up as nothing more other than some objects that are shiny and that can be hung on the wall of your living room.

What will stay are the values and the strength of character you develop through BJJ. These are the things which will continue benefiting you on the mats no matter your age… But not just that; they will benefit you in all other walks of life as well.
The work ethic and the discipline you need to act upon each and every time you drill and roll. The willingness to continue when things get tough and you’re absolutely certain that you will get choked out. The readiness to walk onto the competition mats, even when the adrenaline is surging through the roof. And the calmness and problem-solving skills that you develop even in the most difficult of moments; these are the things which matter most.

Focus on the person you’re becoming through BJJ, and you’ll find that it’s well worthwhile the efforts. The other stuff will come with time; but the person you are is with you at all times.