White Belt Sued Coach For Injuries Sustained In Competition

White Belt Sued Coach For Injuries Sustained In Competition

A jiu-jitsu practitioner claims he suffered leg injuries due to bad coaching – including a torn meniscus that required knee surgery while competing at a North Vancouver invitational.

The man in question Jay Peters was 36 at the time of injury- he was a 2 stripe white belt when he decided to sign up for Marcus Soares Invitational in North Vancouver. Marcus Soares was his coach.

The plaintiff says he was 246 pounds and scheduled to take on an opponent weighing 290 pounds. According to a news report that first uncovered this event from https://www.cbc.ca/news

Peters also alleges in court documents he was forced to engage in standup fighting, despite never receiving training in that particular combat discipline during his nine months working at Soares’ gym.

In the court filing, Peters claims he suffered leg injuries including a torn meniscus that required knee surgery.

In a response to the civil claim, Marcus Soares, who has Brazilian jiu-jitsu training locations in downtown Vancouver and Langley, claims Peters was not injured during the event and had received at least 80 hours of training prior to it.

B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled that the waiver signed by Peters before his training did not extend to competition, and that the facts Soares provided to support the competition waiver were not sufficient to throw out the case.

You can listen to the plaintiff’s lawyer interview¬†embedded into this post right here.

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