When Everything Else Turns For Worse, You Can Always Return To BJJ

When Everything Else Turns For Worse, You Can Always Return To BJJ

Life isn’t passive, but it’s in a state of constant change. Sometimes, this change is good and welcome. But sometimes, it transforms everything around you into an almost uncontrollable frenzy, as you sit there wondering: „Just how am I supposed to push through this?“
While we don’t have an answer to that question – everyone’s struggle is different, to say the least – we do have a couple of words of encouragement. You see, even when everything else goes haywire, when you feel sad, discouraged, mad, and confused… There’s always a return to BJJ.



When things get bad, it seems that the human tendency is to start overthinking things. To contemplate how stuff will unfold, how it’s impacting their lives in the present, to ponder about the uncertainty of the future… It makes a person immersed in his or her thoughts.
This is natural, of course. Everyone wants to figure out how to improve the situation they’re in, to pull themselves out of chaos. But thinking too much can also be destructive; it can bring additional sadness, instead of a solution, to the problem at hand.

So what to do when overthinking, on top of other things, starts causing you trouble? That’s right, you return to your body by training your heart out in BJJ. Just step on those mats, drill, and give it all you’ve got when you roll.
The transformative power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lies in the fact that you can’t think about anything while you roll. For those two hours or so, you’re in a state of mindless bliss; something very similar to an extremely powerful meditation session.

Pair meditation with the fact that you’re pushing your body to become stronger and healthier, and it becomes obvious that BJJ is a very useful tool for overcoming whatever is weighing you down.



But just because you’re in a bad place in life at the moment, that doesn’t have to mean that there’s some sort of a negative trend going on. Meaning – it doesn’t have to be that you’re failing at something.
It could just mean that you’re stuck. That you don’t know how to move forward in one or more areas of your life; which can, quite often, feel much worse than failure does. And when you feel that you’re stagnating, it’s always great to return to becoming good in BJJ.

Jiu Jitsu offers an opportunity for you to notice your progress (or the lack thereof) each time you’re on the mats. You’re either getting better at the techniques and the overall game, or you’re not.
In a world that can feel pretty confusing in terms of improvement – BJJ has a clear-cut way of pointing your success rate. And that can be extraordinarily comforting.



However, BJJ isn’t just about the training itself and the techniques you learn through it. One of the most important reasons why it’s such a great sport is because of the people who train and the overall atmosphere in the academy.

So, whenever you feel as if the world is kind of rooting against you… Make sure that you’re on the mats. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people, sharing a couple of laughs and talks with them, you’ll remember that you aren’t alone in your struggles. And that you have a place where there are some fantastic human beings, who will remind you of the most valuable things in life; the ones that put a smile on your face.