What’s Eddie Bravo’s Submission Grappling Record?

What’s Eddie Bravo’s Submission Grappling Record?

Eddie Bravo is a legend in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. A third-degree BJJ black belt and founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Bravo is known not just for his extraordinary grappling skills and innovations in the Gentle Art; but also for his storytelling abilities.

But here’s a question: have you ever wondered what is Bravo’s submission grappling¬† (No Gi) record? Well, it might come as a surprise that Eddie has had 7 competitive bouts.
Out of those seven matches, he scored 5 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. He did have an extensive Gi competitive career before that at lower belts.

His most recent competitive match was at Metamoris 3, against Royler Gracie – with the bout ending in a draw.
This was the second time that the two BJJ legends met each other in a submission grappling tournament, for their first match was back in 2003, during the ADCC World Championship in Brazil. Bravo submitted Gracie with a Triangle Choke:

It was also during the ADCC World Championship that Eddie experienced his only loss in submission grappling. He lost to Leo Vieira on points:

Other than that, the famous American grappler earned his remaining 4 wins against Gustavo Dantas, Alan Teo, Shawn Krysa and Mark Ashton.

Eddie doesn’t compete anymore, but is focused on coaching and growing his 10th Planet academy worldwide. He is also a close friend of Joe Rogan, who actually earned his 10th Planet black belt from Bravo himself.

The two have also co-hosted Rogan’s “Fight Companion” podcast episodes back in the day… Which has recently returned for the UFC Fight Night in Paris!


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