What You Need To Know To Master a Slow, Meticulous, High Pressure Passing Game

What You Need To Know To Master a Slow, Meticulous, High Pressure Passing Game

Written by Belgian BJJ black belt Wim Deputter, head instructor at Brasa Team Belgium.

When passing someone’s guard, you have the choice between a high speed, explosive game or a slow, meticolous game.

Personally, I prefer the latter.

I try to get close and keep forward pressure. It’s hard for your opponent to play his guard if he doesn’t get space. I force him to carry my weight.
At the same time I breath through my belly, keeping the pace calm and slow.

My opponent gradually starts to breath faster, his movements start to get less controlled. He is getting tired.

I maintain the pressure constant until he eventually has to concede the pass or turtle up, allowing me to transition to the back.

This style of passing has a few advantages.

The bigger the distance between two fighters, the more liberty of movement both have. The more liberty of movement, the more complex the game becomes and the faster you have to make decisions.

Bigger distances favor younger and more explosive athletes.

By playing close you reduce the complexity of the game, you remove most of the “modern bjj-techniques”, you have less accidental injuries and on top of that you force your opponent to carry your weight and gradually wear him down.

Pressure passing comes naturally to wrestlers and transitions very well to mma and selfdefense as well as sports jiu jitsu.

Example in competition:

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