What To Do About That BJJ Training Partner Who Just Holds A Position & Doesn’t Move?

What To Do About That BJJ Training Partner Who Just Holds A Position & Doesn’t Move?

You’ve probably ran into this person at one time or another during your BJJ journey. It’s the training partner who, after he passes to an advantageous position – most often, Side Control – just stays there… And does nothing.
Nothing, except holding the position and squeezing you in it. He doesn’t even move nor try to go for a transition or an attack. And it’s starting to get on your nerves.

What are you supposed to do with this training partner? How are you supposed to go about this issue? Here are two approaches you could take; one from your own and one from the training partner’s perspective.



What your training partner is doing might not be something that’s too… Jiu-Jitsu like. However, it’s still Jiu-Jitsu – and they’re still holding you in a bad position. So, instead of building a grudge out of it, think to yourself: “Okay, but what if I was in a street fight situation? What if I was in a competition match? Would I get angry that this person is just holding me down?”
Your answer will most likely be “no”; as you’d be using every ounce of your technique and strength to get out of the position.

Therefore, approach this through the similar perspective. It’s an opportunity to learn something new, to improve your BJJ. Not something to be mad about.



On the flipside, you have your training partner. And he needs to get better as well. Which he won’t, if he doesn’t learn to move and transition to other positions and attacks.

This is where your and your teammates’ importance as good training partners step into play. You (especially the higher belts) will have to punish him for his lack of movement, so that he’ll learn that this is a no-go for the long run. That he has to improve.
Nick “Chewy” Albin shares more tips on this subject on the video below: