What Should You Eat Before High Intensity BJJ Training?

What Should You Eat Before High Intensity BJJ Training?

It’s a not too difficult to choose what you’ll eat before a light BJJ training session. If you’ll be drilling and experimenting with positions, then we advice you to hop on over to the article on what to eat before low intensity training.
But what if you’re in for some high intensity Jiu-Jitsu? If your training is going to consist mostly out of rolling – especially if you’ll roll for an hour or longer – then you need to be more practical about your meals.

Here’s some simple advice that will go a long way.



What is going to be extremely important to eat before your training are going to be carbs. Simply enough, as you’re training at a high intensity, your body will only be able to break down carbohydrates; and, thus, use them as an energy source.
However, it won’t be wise to just eat as many (or as little) carbs as possible during a random time period. Rather, you’ll have to pay attention to the timing and quantity of your meals as well.

In perspective, what this means is that you’ll aim to intake between 30 and 60 grams of carbs, approximately one hour before training. You may take them in a solid form, but it’s a good idea to also take them through liquid means as well – such as with Gatorade. Just be careful that you don’t upset your stomach before what’s going to be a Knee On Belly positional training.

Then, in regards to the type of food you should eat, you should focus on the food with high GI carbs; these are the carbs that break down and get absorbed by your blood quickly. This means that you won’t experience any stomach issues or bloating before your training.
So, what are some good meal options? Well, one cup of oatmeal is around 30g of carbs. One banana is around 30g as well. And if you want to go for more carbohydrates, well, one bagel is 50g – so dive into it.

Also, try and keep away from eating any fats before training. These will slow down the absorption of carbs, which you don’t want happening in any case.
Watch the video below for more information.