What Does Your Favorite BJJ Submission Say About You?

What Does Your Favorite BJJ Submission Say About You?

Everyone has a favorite submission – and so do you! That’s just a natural way of life for every Jiujiteiro; experimenting with various submissions until you find the one you enjoy locking in the most. But, what you probably didn’t know is that this submission tells a lot about you, too!



If your favorite submission is the Armbar, then your next best „friend“ is probably the Cross Collar Choke. In other words, chances are that you’re the type of person that really enjoys sticking to the basics – both in Jiu Jitsu and in life alike.
And that’s fantastic! You take ownership of the fundamentals, and really perfect them; using them to overcome everyone and everything that stands in your way. Just think of Roger Gracie… You’re on the right path!



You sure like attacking problems head-on, don’t you? That’s no wonder, particularly since your favorite submission is the Guillotine.
You’re quite impatient and you enjoy finding solutions as fast as possible; anything that can be done now will be done immediately. Additionally, you’re prone to squeezing the maximum out of every opportunity – just like out of your training partner’s neck!



It’s not about being loud nor popular for you – you just want to get the job done with most quality possible. But you aren’t in a rush; you’re keen on gaining total control over the situation first, before strangling the problem out and showing everyone (in a quiet, but confident way) that you’re the boss.
Sure enough, your favorite submission is the most dominant one out there. The Rear Naked Choke.



Talk about a strong and explosive character! As a Kimura or Americana lover, you’re prone to making quick decisions on the spot. Heck, you’ll just go full-power for something just because it’s there – often times without much previous consideration.
But who cares? More often than not, you end up being successful in your intent. More power to you!



You’re probably a good friend of the Armbar guy from the beginning. You count on the basics quite a lot, but there’s a problem… If you want to level-up (in whatever you’re doing), you should probably start looking for other solutions.
The Straight Ankle Lock is a fantastic submission, but you’ll find – as you progress on the mats – that not a lot of more advanced Jiujiteiros will tap to it. Which is why it’s a good idea to look ahead to the…



You’re probably the type of person that a lot of people love, but a lot of people hate, too. Simply enough, you have a strong personality – and a high level of self confidence. You know where you’re headed and are aware of the many ways that lead to your objective… And that you will achieve it. No matter what happens.
Keep going, you Heelhook person. But know that some will like you along the journey, while others won’t.



You don’t mess around with the details, do you? It’s the large chunks that you’re concerned with when pursuing a goal; attacking the root of an issue, not concerning with the stuff that surrounds it. And why not – because it works!



Dude… Seriously? The Ezekiel Choke is your favorite submission? Hmmm, perhaps it’s time to reconsider some of your life choices; such as why not a lot of people like to roll with you. For real though, other submissions are more effective and will make you more friends than this one ever would.



You know how there are some people who are secretly envied? Well, you’re one of them – Wristlocks are your favorite submission, so it only makes sense! You may have some unorthodox ways in your day-to-day life, but you’re effective in what you do. Great job!



If you still don’t have a favorite submission, then you’re just early on your BJJ journey. Just keep going, and you’ll soon find it!


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