What Can I Do to Improve My Jiu-Jitsu Training?

What Can I Do to Improve My Jiu-Jitsu Training?

There are times when performance may falter, even during training. However, as dedicated jiu-jitsu practitioners, we do not give up easily and are always willing to make necessary adjustments to progress in our sport.

One of the most discouraging factors for competitors is a lack of success, but commitment and dedication can overcome this. You must recognize that improvement requires sacrifice before achieving desired outcomes. Define your goals and commit fully to achieving them.

Focus on Physical Conditioning

Athletes must be in top physical shape to perform well. Physical conditioning should be a priority. No amount of technique knowledge matters if gas tanks are easily emptied during sparring. Investing in strength training, functional exercises, and cardiovascular work can enhance jiu-jitsu performance.

Develop Consistency

To truly excel, dedication is paramount – including regular training. While external obligations prevent daily attendance, minimizing missed sessions through diligent effort leads to success over time.

Attend to Injuries

Injuries sometimes limit training, despite strong desires to continue. However, stopping to fully heal often allows quicker, stronger returns to the mat. Ignoring injuries risks greater, longer-term setbacks.

Expand Your Approach

Creative, adaptable competitors study evolving techniques and positions rather than limiting themselves. Like versatile masters, keep opponents guessing with unpredictable skills.


Pursuing new knowledge and bringing fresh approaches to training spurs evolution, unlike stagnating in routines. Test innovations learned elsewhere, integrating useful additions.

Learn the History

While new techniques entice, understanding jiu-jitsu’s origins and legends like the Gracies cultivates deeper appreciation for the art’s philosophy and development.

Push Boundaries Occasionally

Stepping from comfort zones occasionally drives growth, whereas always choosing familiar training partners and intensities maintains the status quo. Consider an extra weekly session.

Uphold Professional Standards

As athletes, punctuality, respect for rules and training partners are expected. Partners enable skill testing critical for development – treat them and their safety with courtesy.

Seek Additional Techniques

Constant motivation develops through knowledge pursuit. Jiu-jitsu techniques number beyond any individual’s mastery, so continuous learning helps approach expertise.

Focus on Details

Jiu-jitsu’s complexity becomes apparent only by scrutinizing technique details ensuring precision and leverage economy – hallmarks of the art.

Study to Boost Training

The BJJFANATICS library of world-class instructional content allows focused studying to enhance technique and competition performance.