Werdum Was In An Ugly Confrontation With Colby Covington

Werdum Was In An Ugly Confrontation With Colby Covington



Covington came under much fire last month when after defeating Maia he made plenty of ugly comments against Brazil.

Colby Covington On Hiding Out in Brazil Post-Fight

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However there’s plenty of Brazilians in the UFC and some of them aren’t gentlemen like Demian Maia.

The altercation occurred outside the UFC fighter hotel in Sydney, where the promotion is stationed for its UFC Fight Night 121 event on Saturday. Werdum is scheduled to face Marcin Tybura in the evening’s headliner.

“Look at this f—-ing clown! You’re a f—-ing clown, Fabricio Werdum!” Covington says. “You’re a filth … yeah, what’s up? You just punched me in the face! You wanna come punch me again, bitch! What? What? Yeah, you think you’re so tough! Look at you, f—ing f——t! That’s right! You’re a little bitch! What? I’m gonna see you soon! I’m gonna see you soon, motherf—-er! You’re old, motherf—er! You ain’t s—t!”


Covington then turns and points the camera at himself to continue the rant.

“F—k Brazil,” Covington said. “F—k Fabricio Werdum, little bitch ass. F—k Brazil. A bunch of filthy animals. And they wonder why they get talked to like that, because they’re a bunch of animals.”

Another video, captured by UFC fighter Dan Hooker, shows Werdum attempting to throw a boomerang at Covington.