Watch Your (And The Opponent’s) Elbows – A Crucial BJJ Concept

Watch Your (And The Opponent’s) Elbows – A Crucial BJJ Concept

Want one piece of advice that will change your entire Jiu-Jitsu perspective and game?
Alright, here it goes: watch your, as well as your opponent’s, elbows.

For, if you can keep your own elbows close to your hips, you will have a strong defensive position. And if you can separate the opponent’s elbows from their hips then, well, you’ll be able to attack them with lots more success.
Coach John Danaher explains why this is the case:

One of the strongest positions that the human body can hold is your elbow held right to your hip. This creates a very strong structure that an opponent will find extremely difficult to dislodge.

The further your elbow drifts away from your hip – the weaker your arm becomes overall.

So what’s the goal? You’ve guessed it right. It’s to win the “elbow battle”:

A big part of grappling then, is the battle to create conditions where your arms are in a strong position close to your hips whilst your opponents elbows are in a weak position extended away from his hips.

If you can reliably create this circumstance, you’ll have a very considerable physical advantage over your opponent.


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