Wardzinski Shines, Lo Lost His Mojo: Pan 2019 Results

Wardzinski Shines, Lo Lost His Mojo: Pan 2019 Results

Panamerican championship this year had plenty of interesting including the return of Gabi Garcia. Gabi of course won double gold but it’s not so clear cut – she had a very difficult time going through Ana Carolina Vieira having won barely – in the end Gabi won absolute finals with 1 advantage against Nathiely de Jesus.

Elsewhere Garcia on the super heavyweigh division having subbed Carina Santi in the finale.

Heavyweight was won by Nathiely de Jesus.

Middle heavy was won by Luiza Monteiro via one advantage.

At middleweight  Ana Carolina Vieira won 12-0 to secure her title.

Gabi McComb subbed her way to lightweight title.

Ffion Davies won on points and secured one of the rare golds for the Euro continent.

Amanda Monteiro won light featherweight on decision after 0-0 vs Talita Alencar.

Mayssa Bastos got her title having subbed  Serena Gabrielli.

In the Men’s absolute Lucas Hulk Barbosa managed to best Leandro Lo via decision. Lo took it kinda hard having already lost in division from Adam Wardzinski.


Worth noting – this was a split decision.

Ultra heavy weight was closed out by GF Team – Max Gimenis and Ricardo Evangelista.

In the super heavy Felipe Andrew defeated Mahmed Aly 18-2.

In heavyweight Wardzinski lost via one advantage to Kaynan Duarte *who somehow managed to look huge.


 Medium Heavyweight was closed out by ATOS – namely Lucas Hulk Barbosa and Gustavo Batista.
Middleweight was won by Isaque Bahiense.
Levi Jones-Leary surprised Renato Canuto and won their division 6-4
Matheus Gabriel defeatead Jamil Hill-Taylor via penalty.
Miyao brothers closed out light featherweight.
Cleber Sousa won rooster weight via decision.

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