Want To Listen To A BJJ PODCAST? Here Are The 6 BEST ONES

Want To Listen To A BJJ PODCAST? Here Are The 6 BEST ONES

Investing additional time into (positional) rolls, drills, watching Youtube videos and instructionals, asking your coach to help you, going for private training sessions… Lifting weights, doing calisthenics, stretching and doing mobility work, eating healthy and sleeping – these are all great ways of improving your Jiu Jitsu and for becoming a better grappler! But, what if we told you that there’s another fantastic thing that you could do in order to improve; one that you’re almost certainly neglecting?
That’s right – we’re talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu podcasts! The podcast has become one of the fastest-growing mediums today. And there’s a lot of value that it can provide for your BJJ experience!

With that said, here are the 6 of the best BJJ podcasts out there. You’ll love them!



The Grappling Central Podcast“ is perhaps the best-known grappling podcast out there. Pay attention: we didn’t say that it’s one of the best Jiu Jitsu podcasts, but grappling podcasts – and for good reason!
The podcast isn’t focused solely on conversations with Jiujiteiros, but it has a wide variety of guests; from MMA athletes, nutritionists, exercise science experts, doctors… You name it! The host, Ryan Ford, was obviously keen to provide his listeners with the full grappling experience; with everything that could help you become a better athlete on the mats.

Tune into it the next time you’re heading out to the academy. It’ll make you both more pumped up and knowledgeable!



You have surely heard and seen „The Strenuous Life Podcast“’s host over and over again while you were watching Youtube videos for various BJJ techniques. It’s Stephan Kesting!

As you’ve noticed in his videos, Stephan is not only a very knowledgeable BJJ practitioner and instructor, but he’s also a very articulate one; capable of distilling even the most complex of techniques into a form that everyone can understand and implement. This capability is fully displayed through his show as well; he asks his guests very interesting questions, that will make you think as well.
And the best part? He’s not concentrating solely on BJJ athletes either, but has guests from all walks of life. „The Strenuous Life Podcast“ will not only make you into a better Jiujiteiro, but into a more complete person as well!


Of course, who could forget „The Matburn Podcast“ – a blend of humor, sometimes borderline controversial topics and fantastic BJJ insight, hosted by Keenan Cornelius and Josh Hinger! Their podcast is a mix between the style mentioned in the previous two cases – an interview-style show, where they host a guest (such as Andre Galvao and Lachlan Giles); and a conversation between the two hosts, which is hilariously funny!
Make sure to watch and listen to it, it’s a blast!



The Raspberry Ape Podcast“ is truly a fantastic guest-based podcast, with a black belt under Roger Gracie being the host of it – Daniel Strauss. The conversations with many well-established BJJ athletes and champions are always a pleasure to listen to, but it’s a hope that Daniel will record more episodes in the near future, as currently (and probably due to the Coronavirus epidemic) he appears to have taken a pause with producing them.


And last, but not least, is the podcast by everyone’s favorite Youtube instructor: „The Chewjitsu Podcast“ by Nick „Chewy“ Albin! His insights, well-shown in the way he instructs, as well as knowledge of all things BJJ-related (and history-related as well) shine in their full light here as well.


Zeid Salman aka  @thejitsguy does a great job with his podcast which is the Middle East’s number 1 BJJ podcast. He has many interesting guests from all over the world that you don’t usually see on any other podcasts.

Make sure to give it a listen. You’ll become hooked!