Want To Improve Your Leg Lock Game? Learn These 5 Different Techniques

Want To Improve Your Leg Lock Game? Learn These 5 Different Techniques

Leg locks have exploded in popularity over the last several years in competitive grappling. Although leg locks were once shunned by the BJJ community, their effectiveness has never been in doubt. Given the current popularity of leg locks, no BJJ student can afford to ignore them. In this article, we examine some of BJJ’s basic leg locks. 

The Leg Lock game will never become boring! For as long as you keep training, there will always be something new to learn – from the most minuscule of details to the techniques themselves.
So, if you’re looking for something new to add to your BJJ game, then learn these 5 different Leg Lock techniques! Make sure to give them a shot as soon as you can.

6x ADCC veteran Nicolas Renier demonstrates:


You are going to fare well with getting a good Leglock instructional; one that will teach you not just the various submissions, but the positional hierarchy and the details in how to get them.
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