Vinny Magalhaes Responds To UFC Fighter Who is Dismayed He Cornered Against Her After Training Together

Vinny Magalhaes Responds To UFC Fighter Who is Dismayed He Cornered Against Her After Training Together

Emily Whitmore scored her first UFC victory Saturday. She managed to defeat Jamie Moyle via decision.

Still it was a bittersweet experience for Whitmore as Moyle was cornered by fellow Xtreme Couture fighter Vinny Magalhaes.

Whitmire calledVinny a piece of crap after.

 “Vinny is supposed to be my teammate,” Whitmire said. “He said he wasn’t cornering against me like, five times. Then today I showed up, saw him getting off the bus, didn’t message me or anything. So he can go f*ck himself.”

Magalhaes was quick to respond via mmafighting:

“This woman got angry because I train at Xtreme and was in Jamie’s corner,” Magalhaes said, “But Jamie is my student and my purple belt, and I don’t even see this girl training at Xtreme. I have zero training relationship with her. I even told one of her coaches that I would be in Jamie’s corner. He didn’t deliver the message, it’s not my fault.

“I asked if there was a problem, didn’t like the idea, kind of let it aside because I was fighting [at PFL] and didn’t want to worry about this. When I came back from my fight, I told her coach I would be in Jamie’s corner, told him to let Emily know, but apparently the message didn’t get to her.”

“Not at all because in a way I understand her side,” Magalhaes said, “But the fact that she trains at the same place I train doesn’t make us training partners. I don’t even know what she does, what her background is, I know nothing. I was there for Jamie.”

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