Vagner Rocha Beefing With Gordon Ryan Post Superfight

Vagner Rocha Beefing With Gordon Ryan Post Superfight



Sapateiro Invitational 2 took place this weekend in Sarasota, Florida. It promised spectators an explosive superfight as well as the 175lb Tournament featuring Nathan Orchard,  Josh Bacallao, Marcel Goncalves, Oliver Taza and others.

As promised Vagner Rocha versus Gordon Ryan was full of fireworks. As it turns out it was also full of trash talking culminating in a video highlight!

This doesn’t take away from the greatness of both. Vagner Rocha is an experienced black belt and a former UFC fighter. Ryan is nowadays best known as the winner of EBI 6 but he has had prior success on the submission only circuit.

But the established record didn’t stop them from taking the 20 minute submission only fight seriously. While the official result was a draw they both piped in on social media. Rocha posted this:

several times. If that’s the #danaherdeathsquad, then I am the Boogeyman! I broke Gary Tonon’s foot in our last match, and know I will beat him in a rematch. Please let’s make this super fight happen! #EBI #Polaris @garrytonon @eddie_wolverine @gordonlovesjiujitsu



It’s worth noting this isn’t the first beef Rocha’s been in center of. Previously Rocha has responded to AJ Agazarm about this match.

Gordon Ryan responded quickly directing his instagram followers toward a highlight video of the match accompanied by some less than flattering music:

And of course AJ Agazarm piped in on this ongoing beef:

The party then moved to the comment section of the picture Vagner Rocha posted where Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan, Aj Agazarm’s brother Anthony, Romulo Barral and Oliver Taza contributed to the discussion.



Romulo Barral who was caught in the crossfire, since Rocha posted a victory over him just barely commented:


But the younger generations of both the Ryan family and the Agazarm family couldn’t wait to pipe in, in addition to Oliver Taza, the newish addition to the Danaher team.


Hopefully this is another one of those situations that will produce even more great superfights and elite level jiu-jitsu!