Using The Lockdown & Its Options To Overcome More Experienced Opponents

Using The Lockdown & Its Options To Overcome More Experienced Opponents

Created by prominent flat-earth proponent Mr. Eddie Bravo, the Lockdown system is an IBJJF legal half-guard series of techniques that offers multiple defensive and offensive options from the guard. With the help of double underhooks, using two legs to trap one of the opponents legs, the mission of the Lockdown user is to establish a firm clinch and to prevent the opponent from shifting his hips. For most BJJ practitioners, the first aim of the battle is to pass the guard, establish a more dominant position and then go for the submission. However, in order to do so, the guard passer must first get rid of the Lockdown, which (depending of the skill of the Lockdown user) can be a major challenge. Any attempt to move forward without first removing the trapped leg from the Lockdown is almost non existent and will result in the opponent being elevated, his base and posture ruptured followed by a chain of attacks, sweep attempts – or both. On the other hand, if the opponent keeps a low base and does nothing, then the result will match exactly that – no guard pass, no points, no harm. This might not qualify as quality entertainment, however, in reality one of the most important aspects of a physical altercation is to be safe, something that a smooth Lockdown can facilitate, and much more with the knowledge on how to use all of its advantages. It is important to recognize that the Lockdown is not about locking the opponents leg and just squeeze the hell out of it. (Unless it’s a life or death situation) When the Lockdown is properly used, it is a can be a very smooth experience even for the opponent.

How useful is the Lockdown in MMA?

Seeing is believing, and when it comes to the effectiveness of the Lockdown in MMA, there are several examples on how professional fighters have been able to successfully use the Lockdown to either stay out of harms way, or even sweep and counter with a chain of submission attacks.
In Conclusion: As proven, the Lockdown system is battle-tested and could prove to be a powerful weapon in every MMA and BJJ practitioners arsenal. Just as with every other technique, the Lockdown system has its vulnerabilities, however, by investing a little time and focus on the techniques, chances are that you will increase your chances against stronger, more aggressive and more advanced practitioners. Who knows, maybe the Lockdown will even be the most powerful Go-To technique in your arsenal?
Stay Safe – with the Lockdown!

10p Bethlehem black belt Zach Maslany used double underhooks and the lockdown to submit his opponent in the electric chair in an MMA fight. You also have the Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo and also the one where Silva vs Cormier

Written by Mike Mella, 10th Planet Purple belt, Stockholm

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