How To Use Wim Hof Breathing Method For Grappling

How To Use Wim Hof Breathing Method For Grappling


If you’ve been in the bjj scene for a couple of years you’ve probably heard about the Wim Hof Method. This is a breathing method developed by a dutchman of the same name. This is a fella that swims in the Antarctic, rides the Kilimanjaro in shorts and is in impeccable shape.

This odd system rests on 3 pillars:

  •  cold therapy
  • breathing
  • commitment

But enough theory how does it look in practice?

“wim HOF method a breathing technique so it is a simple and easy breathing technique that you can use for your morning routine to start off your day. It is a simple way how to learn the skill of meditation and how to meditate actively and use the breathing to induce those states of relaxation and meditation.

So it is active breathing exercise that is there to help you to improve your focus and start off your day in the right way and oftentimes I can use it before training or even before competition to get myself in the right state of mind and induce some of those flow states that we’re all looking for in our competition training and daily laps” – Artur Paulins said on the Yoga For BJJ channel

Paulins is a bjj purple belt.

People like Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, Laird Hamilton and UFC’s Alistair Overeem consider Wim to be the authority on breathing and a major positive factor for athletic performance. Wim Hof makes a point to perform activities that enforce the idea of ‘Mind over Body”.


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