US Special Forces Transgender Fighter Wins MMA Debut Against Woman

US Special Forces Transgender Fighter Wins MMA Debut Against Woman

On Friday night, transgender MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin won her MMA debut against Celine Provost.
The 38-year-old McLaughlin is the first transgender athlete to openly participate in a mixed martial arts competition since Fallon Fox entered the mixed martial arts arena in 2014.

McLaughlin won in the second round by submitting Provost by a rear naked choke , although this was not easy fight for the novice.
McLaughlin was caught early by her opponent in the first round, and then reverted to grappling where. The
fight was originally scheduled to take place on August 6, but was postponed after Provost tested positive for the corona virus in July.

McLaughlin passed all medical requirements, including hormone ratings, before making her MMA debut.

Mclaughlin in her past as a male enlisted in the US military in 2003. She put on muscle, rose up the Army ranks and became a special forces medical sergeant, part of an elite, 12-man team dispatched to Afghanistan in 2007.\

McLaughlin came out as transgender in 2003, aged 20, but she was denied gender reassignment surgery by her mother and subsequently joined the army, serving in Afghanistan. She was later diagnosed with PTSD, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2016.

She recently began MMA training and cites Fallon Fox, who won five of her six professional fights between 2012 and 2014, as her inspiration.

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Watch highlights of the fight:

After the fight, she stated:

“Good morning, friends, supporters and others! I’m getting a lot of variations of the same nasty messages calling me a cheater like I didn’t just get beat on for a round and a half. Y’all need to show Céline Provost some respect and take your concern trolling elsewhere.

“She almost finished me more than once, and on scorecards she definitely won that first round. This is the only post I’ll make about this. Transphobes are just making my block hand stronger.🤷‍♀️”